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How to Heat and Air Condition Your Modular Construction

Posted by admin on June 21, 2019

Modular constructions are a cheap and easy form of propping up a building quickly, not to mention they are portable and can be taken elsewhere if needed. However, because they’re not like other buildings, some may not know how best to heat up or cool down the air inside.

The most natural assumption would be to get climate control installed. This is definitely a solution, however it can be costly. Here are a few tips to help manage your climate inside your modular construction.  

Go Portable

Like with a modular building, the best and cheapest solution would be to plug in a portable fan or radiator and let it do its job. This can have a limited range, however, so you may have to get multiple.

It might also prove difficult to control as you may have to keep turning your device on and off in order to feel comfortable. You also need electricity, which not all modular buildings have.

That being said, sometimes to most obvious method can be the best. Even if all you have is your own personal heater or fan, it’s definitely better than nothing.

Invest in Insulating/Cooling Materials

At bare minimum, your modular building should have some form of insulation. If it doesn’t, you’ll really feel it come winter time.

That being said, insulation can be a problem by the time summer rolls around. So where do you make the compromise?

It’s probably best that you invest in cooling materials too so as not to keep in too much heat.

Open/Close Windows

It may sound completely obvious, but opening and closing all the windows depending on the weather can do a lot to help with managing air temperature.

Just because it’s a modular construction, does not mean you should treat it differently from any other building.

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