Building Specifications

Take a look at all of the prefabricated construction services Quickway and modular building systems can provide for you. You can also see our specifications and dimensions which could be useful to you.

Download Quickway Building Specifications

Download Quickway Building Dimension Sheet

warehouse-icon.png Foundations 

Quickway Buildings are able to be sited on a variety of permanent or semi - permanent foundations, depending on the client’s application and taking into account local ground conditions.  A typical concrete ring beam or concrete raft with a thickened edge beam provides a permanent foundation within days.

fast-icon.png Fast

All Quickway buildings are fabricated from standard steel products sourced within the U.K. In-house manufacturing time for most buildings is completed in weeks, including insulating and fully cladding the building panels. This process allows for a swift delivery period coupled with minimal site duration. A building with a 250 square metres floor area can be fully erected and completed on site in 4 days.

economical-icon.png Economical 

Quickway Buildings offer a low initial cost coupled with proven durability. Due to the 100% composition of the building (excluding the insulation material), routine maintenance costs are extremely low and go no further than the usual housekeeping practices associated with industrial buildings.

relocate-icon.png Relocate

Due to the robust design and materials used, the buildings can be relocated several times without de-cladding or risk of major part replacement.

recycle-icon.png Recyclable

Due to the 100% steel composition and full relocatabilty of the design, the buildings are fully recyclable.

deliver-icon.png Delivery direct to your site 

The building is delivered in pre-clad panel form on 2.9 metres wide flat bed trailers.

erection-icon.png Erection

Erection is speedily completed by our experienced crew. Alternatively, there is an option for clients to erect the buildings using their own labour force, with or without the guidance of our site supervisor.

extend-reduce-icon.png Extend or Reduce

Quickway Buildings can easily be reduced or extended due to the modular design.

tick_icon.png Quality Assurance

The buildings are manufactured within a certified ISO 9002 manufacturing facility and are fully C.E. compliant.