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Our prefabricated construction project in Belgium was completed successfully on time in late April.


Our next Show is the Kent B2B Event, Ashford, Tuesday 25th April.


Wednesday 1st March : Stand 161, Agri-Expo Show, Kent County Showground 

Success from the show and numerous enquiries too. 

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Concerns for the planet means we’re all seeking alternatives that are friendlier to the environment. Here’s why eco-friendly building can be a big factor.

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Prefabricated or modular construction is an effective tool for any business and, Quickway, we can give a lot of reasons why.

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Protecting your modular construction is vital and its security should be as tight as any other building. Here are a few things you can do to help with that.

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How to Heat and Air Condition Your Modular Construction

Having a modular construction is one thing. Learning to keep it heated and cool enough for people to live or work in is another matter. Find out how to do both effectively.

Why Prefab Buildings Are More Secure Than You Believe

Prefabricated constructions have the unfortunate reputation for being loose in terms of security. Here’s why they are more secure than you might believe.

Why Choose Pop-up Buildings?

Pop-up buildings, modular constructions, or temporary nits are incredibly useful. But why choose them over a regular building? Find out in today’s blog.

Why Do Retailers Use Pop-up Buildings?

Retailers are a solid staple of every high street and shopping mall. However, a lot of them come and go thanks to the use of pop-up buildings.